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Finding The B2B Marketing Bullseye To More Customers And Profits | Webinar

Many companies struggle to achieve their growth objectives not because they don't have a compelling offering but because they haven't found the right business customers that will find their offering irresistible. Join this webinar to learn the essentials to pinpointing your ideal customers Attend at your desk Wednesday 16 April - 1:00PM AEST.

Mentor Network | Ivy Exec

Plan your executive career with guidance from some of the best corporate minds around the globe. IIDM has partnered with IvyExec to bring you access to their Career Mentor Network. Bringing rising stars together with seasoned executives for meaningful career conversations online.

The One Thing | Book Summary

What makes an idea, a product or a behaviour go viral and spread widely without any real marketing input or expenditure? This book shows you the essential principles to build into the design of the product or into the messaging which arises around your product or idea, to help it go viral and get everyone talking about it.

Workforce Strategic Planning | Video

Modern employees come in all shapes and sizes, demanding a more sophisticated, whole of workforce approach. This Video Seminar discusses how those who can effectively translate their business strategy into an actionable workforce strategy can drive a new kind of competitive advantage.

Welcome to the International Institute of Directors & Managers (IIDM) 

Launched in November 2000 under the name CEO Online, (re-launched as IIDM in May 2013), IIDM publishes business resources designed for the time-poor business executive, owner or manager who seeks to enhance their leadership skills and improve the performance of their business. IIDM also offers the opportunity to engage in continuous professional development (CPD), using formal or informal mediums. IIDM is the recognised CPD medium for The CEO Institute's Certified CEO designation.

IIDM has a unique and enviable insight into the challenges that confront current and aspiring CEOs in the Corporate, Government and SME sectors.  Irrespective of the industry, there is an notable parallel as to what keeps our business leaders awake at night!

Business leaders are expected to have all the answers - and this is a heavy burden to carry. Articles, case studies, audio seminars, book summaries, learning modules and many more resources published on the IIDM website give the business leaders of today - and tomorrow - the knowledge and confidence to solve problems and pursue opportunities.

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